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"We dig bicycles and happy folks!" - HC Team   

Do you have a bicycle that needs a tune, repair or parts? Need a new bike? Hershey Cycles is here for all your cycling needs. We offer affordable quality bicycle repair services, new bicycles, rentals and quick turnaround times. With 30+ years of experience in the bicycle industry, we have seen just about everything.

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"We focus on making new and used bicycles comfortable and ready for adventure. Our performance tunes will give you that competitive edge. The best part of our day is meeting folks and their bikes."

The Cycling Experience

"Hershey Cycles is different from your ordinary retail bicycle shop. Our bike brands are selected by our team. Our shop and staff create the right vibe!" 

Bicycle Rentals

"Not only do we rent bicycles, but we are also your personal guide in getting to know this wonderful region! Best of all, if you love your rental and choose to buy one, we refund your rental fee! Ask about our free take home demos as well. 

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Our Story

Hershey Cycles is a friendly bicycle shop in downtown Hershey, Pennsylvania. What started in Philadelphia on Locust Street has now become a full-service bicycle shop in Milton Hershey's hometown. We enjoy renewing all types of bicycles as well as the latest tech trends in cycling. Our mechanics have great passion and love for bicycles.